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Amchi Karma Chodon is a well respected and skilful amchi originally from Tibet. She is one of the very few women amchi, who holds the Katchupa diploma (Tib. dka’ bcu pa), which she received from the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Choglamsar. She has worked over the last few years as the main professor during the Dusrapa training program as part of the NGO LSTM "Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicines". Right now she manages her own clinic in Changspa, and is involved with the “Medicinal Plants” and medical education projects. She conducts women and child healthcare campaigns in the most remote areas of Ladakh, in which her life long work was documented in an award wining documentary film "AMCHI". To see click here. She was awarded with the award of excellence for best humanitarian award by the Jakarta Film Festival on Health & Wellbeing in 2013.

 Amchi Karma has also travelled extensively within India, Asia and Europe , where she has given various lectures, workshops and health consultations.


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